Outpawed will no longer be functioning as an intake until further notice. Due to the immense pressure, intolerance and straight abuse, we are taking a much needed break.


Outpawed is not a business. We do not get paid, we do not get time off. We go to work during the day and we deal with an increasingly demanding public at night. We are simply a collective of people who open our houses and homes to souls who needed a place to go.


We're not fobbing anyone off when we say we are full, and if we could take every cat/kitten we receive brutal demands about, we would. However, we are human, with financial, physical and emotional restrictions.


During Covid-19 our demand for intake increased while our financial streams and donations decreased. We will continue to keep the site updated with cats and kittens who become ready for adoption and continue to run the shop for those who wish to contribute to the cats in our care.

Many thanks to our wonderful supporters for your kind comments and donations. You are what has kept us going emotionally and financially for as long as we have. We will take this time to catch up on our vet bills, move some cats into their forever homes, help our timid cats grow their confidence and heal ourselves. Rest assured we will be back as soon as we can.


Thanks, Outpawed Team


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