Looking to adopt?

We would love to help you find your newest addition to your family. At Outpawed we have a range of felines that are in need of loving homes. As we are dedicated to the well-being of the animals, we have a 3-step process for adoption to find the best fit for the cat, and you.

Adoption information

Information on our regular adoption process can be found here.

Trial adoption

For some cats, trial adoption will be available. This is often recommended for teens and adults where you want to spend extra time with them to make sure they are going to fit into your family. We also recommend trial adoption for our more timid kitties. A trial is where you take the cat into your home on a trial basis (usually for about four weeks) so you can make sure the fit is right for you and for the cat. If you are interested in trial adoption, please get in touch. Please note that trial adoption is generally not available for kittens under 6 months.

"Barn Cat" Adoption

A "barn cat" is an unsocialised or timid cat that is better suited to life as a farm/working cat than as a family pet. These are often stray cats that are not socialised with people that we have been asked to relocate. Although we try to socialise and adopt where we can, some cats just prefer their own company or the company of other animals. We believe that these cats still deserve to have a nice life where they can be cared for and not expected to return the favour with affection.

Our barn placement cats will be desexed and microchipped before they come to you. We will help with advice for integrating them into their new territory or may be able to loan you a crate for this purpose. There is no adoption fee. All we ask is that you provide food, water, shelter and vet care when required. A farm, lifestyle block or rural property is ideal, although in some cases a cat might suit a more urban environment. Sometimes barn cats end up so comfortable with their new people that they become social enough to pet or handle, but this is dependent on the individual cat. 

If you would like to offer a placement to a barn cat, we would love to hear from you!


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