Manawatu Spey and Microchip Campaign

Applicant Details
Applicant memberships
Copy of CSC or SuperGold Card
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Cat Details
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Declaration of Lodgement
Applicant Waiver

I hereby acknowledge that all information provided on this application form is true and correct and should my animal be accepted for The Outpawed Rescue Trust desexing campaign, I agree to any terms and conditions that may apply.


I acknowledge that I must not feed my cat after 8 pm the night prior to surgery and that I must ensure that my animal remains indoors and calm for the full 48 hours following surgery. I understand that failure to do so may put my animal at risk of injury and/or infection following surgery and any follow up care/treatment will be at my own expense.


I understand that my cat must be in good health and handleable to be accepted for surgery. I understand that if my cat is found to be unwell on veterinary examination or is not able to be safely handled, the vet clinic may decline to perform the spey surgery.


I understand that I must be available to drop my animal off at the time allocated and will need to be available to pick my animal up once I have received a call from Totally Vets Feilding or Central Vets. I understand that I will be required to bring my animal back to the vet clinic for suture removal 10 – 14 days after surgery, or as directed by the vet.


I understand that I must provide a copy of my CSC or SuperGold Card, photo ID, proof of address AND photo of my cat before my application can be considered.


The Outpawed Rescue Trust is collecting your personal information for the processing of your application for The Outpawed Rescue Trust Desexing Campaign. The information will only be accessed by authorised persons. This information will be provided to Totally Vets Feilding or Central Vets but will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission, or we are required by law.

By attaching a copy of my drivers licence or other form of photographic identification as a digital signature, I agree to these terms. 

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Cat Photo
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The Outpawed Rescue Trust is offering a discounted desexing and microchipping campaign for female cats in the Manawatu. The campaign is available to residents of the Manawatu and Palmerston North Districts with a Community Services Card (CSC) or SuperGold Card. The discounted fee for this service will be $20 per cat, which will include desexing, microchipping and registration on the NZCAR, and must be paid in advance to The Outpawed Rescue Trust bank account. This campaign is for cats and kittens at least four months of age AND 1 kg in weight. Any resident wishing to be considered for inclusion in this campaign needs to complete and submit this form to The Outpawed Rescue Trust Palmerston North.

Please contact The Outpawed Rescue Trust by email at for any further questions.


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