Breezy Seasalt and Clay Body Polish (V)


This soap is a littttttttle bit different. It's packed with natural NZ seasalt (decorated with Himalayan pink salts) which are full of minerals such as magnesium, zinc and calcium and more, said to be very beneficial for your skin. The salt provides a little bit of scritch making this an amazing all over body skin softener.


Note: If the salt starts out a little bit too sharp, just run under hot water for a while to dissolve it. Vegan ingredients only in this soap!


NZ Handmade artisan soap from The Cat and the Moon in collaboration with Outpawed.

This soap is for humans! Not cats!



Coconut Oil ● Olive Oil Pomace ● Shea Butter ● Sweet Almond Oil ● Castor Oil ● Organic seasalt ● Kaolin Clay ● Sodium Lactate ● Sodium Hydroxide (none remains)● Mica ● Titanium Dioxide ● Sugar ● Fragrance


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