Blue Linen Goat Milk Shower Scrub


This soap is a creamy goat milk soap with ground almond, oatmeal and adzuki bean for an refreshing, scritchy body exfoliator. The fragrance is a mix of fresh linen and tonka and the soap is decorated with Calendula petals.


NZ Handmade artisan soap from The Cat and the Moon in collaboration with Outpawed.

This soap is for humans! Not cats!



Coconut Oil ● Cocoa Butter ● Olive Oil Pomace ● Sunflower Oil● Rice Bran Oil ● Castor Oil ● Goat Milk Powder ●  Ground Almond Meal ● Ground Oatmeal ● Ground Adzuki Bean ● Sodium Lactate ● Sodium Hydroxide (none remains)● Mica ● Titanium Dioxide ● Sugar ● Fragrance


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