Espresso Scrub Soap (V)


This soap is made from espresso coffee said to have antioxidant and refreshing properties for your skin. The ground coffee beans are FIESTY, this is a serious scrub. Made with luxurious cocoa and shea butter with hazelnut oil. This soap is vegan ingredients only.


Soap Makers Note: I'd like to offer these at a discount since the coffee fragrance didn't come out as I'd hoped. It will be very strong for the first use but dilutes down considerably. The coffee beans are pretty scrubby! I will be redoing this soap using essential oils as a fragrance instead.


NZ Handmade artisan soap from The Cat and the Moon in collaboration with Outpawed.

This soap is for humans! Not cats! Cup not included.



Coconut Oil ● Olive Oil ● Shea Butter ● Cocoa Butter ● Hazelnut Oil ● Rice Bran Oil ● Coffee ● Coffee Grounds ● Sodium Lactate ● Sodium Hydroxide (none remains)● Mica ● Titanium Dioxide ● Sugar ● Fragrance


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