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Current Status - May 2020

Waitlist Indication

Foster care: Extensive - Over 100 cats and kittens in waiting

Trap-Neuter-Return: Moderate - approximately 4 week wait

Relocation for unsocialised cats/colonies: Extreme - wait time >1 year

​​If your request is for help via the foster programme, please note that we are full and a waitlist applies. We are available for help with Trap-Neuter-Return but wait times will depend on your location, funding and trapper availability. 

If you need help with a cat or colony, please fill out the form below:

We cover the following areas: Wellington city, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti, Palmerston North City and Feilding.

Please note that trapping services are not available in Horowhenua. 

For assistance with desexing or microchipping please click here or contact us by email: OR


Unsocialised cat: a cat that cannot be handled or picked up, may growl, hiss or run away when approached.

Timid cat: a cat that can be handled and picked up but avoids contact with people where possible.

Socialised/friendly cat: a cat that can be handled and enjoys human interaction - does not run when approached.

Assistance Request Form
In which area do you require assistance?
What type of assistance do you require? Please see definitions at the top of this page
Are the cats/kittens at your home, workplace or somewhere else?
Are any of the cats pregnant or nursing kittens?
Please answer if the cat / any of the cats are unsocialised. Do not answer if the cat is socialised/friendly and can be handled.
Do any of the cats require trapping? If so, do you require assistance with trapping?
Please answer if you require help with trapping/desexing of unsocialised cats:
If we cannot help immediately would you like to be waitlisted? Please see the STATUS BAR at the top of this page for waitlist indication.
Special Notice: COVID-19

While the health and wellbeing of the cats in our care is our foremost concern, the health and wellbeing of our volunteers and supporters comes a close second. Our priority now is paying the bills we have already incurred and providing care for the 73 cats and kittens currently with us. We regret to inform our community that all services are suspended until the situation improves and we are able to access our usual fundraising streams.

Service unavailable - no barn/colony placements available



Foster Care for Kittens and Cats

No vacancies - Wait List applies

Trap - Neuter - Return

Projects currently underway - Wait List applies


Relocation for unsocialised cats/colonies


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