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  • Where is Outpawed based?
    Outpawed is not a shelter and we do not have a "base" of operations. Our cats and kittens stay in our volunteer fosterers homes. Our HQ is in Palmerston North and our collective of volunteers are across Wellington and Palmerston North.
  • Where do I go to meet the cats and kittens?
    Our cats and kittens are all out in foster homes. Let us know which cat or kitten(s) you are interested in and we will make an appointment for you with the foster home. You will need to have submitted a pre-adoption application first.
  • What is the adoption fee and what is included?
    Our adoption fee for kittens up to six months is $150, teens 6 – 10 months $120 and adults over 10 months $100. All cats and kittens leave our care desexed (speyed/neutered), treated for fleas/worms, microchipped and with at least two sets of vaccinations already done. Microchip registration with the NZCAR is included.
  • How do I register a microchip?
    The microchip registration will be completed for you within 10 working days of adoption. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • How old do kittens need to be for adoption?
    We adopt out our kittens at 12 weeks of age. This gives them the best chance of being strong and healthy when they go to their new homes. Kittens continue to learn appropriate behaviours from their mother and littermates right up to this point. Our goal is to send you a kitten that is healthy and well-equipped for their new environment.
  • The new cat I adopted isn’t fitting in with our family. What can I do?
    In general, it could take a few weeks for a cat to feel comfortable in their new home. However, if you feel that it really isn’t working out, we are happy to receive the cat back into care no questions asked. Please note we are unable to refund any fees paid.
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