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Become a Foster Parent!

Outpawed relies on foster families to house and care for our cats. Fostering arrangements are flexible and placements depend on your experience and comfort level. We will work with you and provide opportunities for training along the way.


The Outpawed foster family is a supportive and friendly network of like-minded volunteers around the region. You will meet some wonderful people during your foster journey.

We supply everything you need to keep you going, including food, litter and vet care. We can supply crates, litter trays, carry cages and food bowls if you need them.


Foster placements range from 3 weeks to several months, depending on the cat and its health and behavioural needs. You are under no obligation to continue with a foster assignment if it does not suit your family, but we will work through any issues with you if you do wish to give it a go. Our Wellington Foster Coordinator is located in Lower Hutt and our Palmerston North Foster Coordinator is based in Aokautere.

For more information, please email us at or or apply now through the link below.

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