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How we can help

We offer the following services in Palmerston North and the Wellington region:

  • Subsidised desexing

  • Trap-Neuter-Return

  • Caring for stray and abandoned cats (foster programme)

  • Care of orphaned kittens (neonatal foster programme)

  • Microchipping

Please see below for further information.

Subsidised Desexing

We do our best to bring subsidised desexing to our community to help with spaying and neutering costs. This is dependent on grant funding, so please check back from time to time to see if your area is covered. 

Current services can be found here: 


For information on what to do if you have found a stray cat, please see the link below.

Outpawed runs a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programme in the Wellington region and Palmerston North. TNR may be appropriate for unsocialised adult cats, which may be more difficult to socialise. TNR involves trapping the cats, desexing, microchipping and re-releasing them where they were originally caught. An alternative to returning the cats is to find a suitable barn home for them to be settled into or for the cats to be tamed and rehomed (more info below).

Outpawed is able to help with trap loans, or you may apply for assistance with trapping via the links below.

Barn Placement Programme

We are always on the lookout for homes for unsocialised cats that are not able to be returned to their original territory. A barn home can be a farm, lifestyle block or rural property with adequate shelter for the cat to use. Often a barn cat will help with rodent control and is essentially a "working" cat.

There is no adoption fee for a barn cat, but you will become responsible for the cat's needs. You must provide food, water, shelter and any required veterinary care. Sometimes barn cats will become socialised if you put the work in, but most just want a safe place to call home and would rather not interact with their people. 

Please email us if you are interested in offering a barn placement.

Foster Programme & Neonatal Care

Our foster homes are currently full. Any requests for intakes will be subject to a waitlist.

Outpawed runs a foster programme for stray, abandoned and community cats. We are able to take a range of cats, including orphaned babies, nursing mums and timid strays. We do not take surrendered pets, but we are happy to help with advertising community rehomes.

Cats that go through our foster programme will be socialised, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated before being placed up for adoption. 

Whilst we do have foster carers who work with timid and unsocialised cats, these spaces are often full so please don't be offended if we suggest TNR or offer to waitlist the cat you are enquiring about. Please see the Assistance Request link above if you need help with a cat.


Outpawed has certified microchip implanters in Lower Hutt and Palmerston North. We offer mobile microchipping services in both areas. The cost of microchip implant and registration on the NZCAR is $30 per cat. Please contact us for more information.

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