Available Cats & Kittens

Palmerston North

At the time of adoption all of our cats and kittens are:

  • Desexed (speyed/neutered)

  • Vaccinated: at least two sets of core vaccinations

  • Microchipped and registered on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR)

  • Up to date with flea and worm treatments

Adoptees - Updated 3rd March 2020

Status: On Hold

Date of Birth:  1st January 2020

Location: Palmerston North

Arrived at Outpawed: Born in care

Sapphire was born in our care on New Year's Day. She was the fourth born in a litter of six and sadly was one of only two kittens born live. She is the only survivor. Sapphire is an absolute miracle kitten, born breech and helped out by her tail 36 hours after her mother went into labour. Sapphire's mum was critically ill so Sapph was hand-raised.

Sapphire is fiercely independent and full of life. She is very friendly and loves people but she's happy to play and explore on her own. She loves to play with the bigger kittens and keep them on their toes. This kitten is larger than life. 


Status: Ready to meet - available now

Date of Birth:  Est. Jan 2017

Location: Palmerston North

Arrived at Outpawed: December 2019

Ash was abandoned in Palmerston North and lived rough for a long while before he was rescued. When we first met I couldn't even pick him up because he was so tender all over his body.⁠
⁠Ash has thrived since being neutered and has come a long way out of his shell. He has a funny tail that curls right over his back and he's very chatty.⁠

Ash will be ready to meet from this week in Palmerston North. He may be ok in a home with other cats, depending on the existing cats' personalities. He absolutely must NOT go to a home with dogs and ideally would not live next door to one either... He would be best suited to an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Residential would be ok but rural/lifestyle block would be ideal for him. He's a huge smooch and definitely wants to be part of the family.⁠


Status: On Trial Adoption

Date of Birth:  Approx. 9th October 2019

Location: Palmerston North

Arrived at Outpawed: December 2019

Arrow is a sweet girl but very shy around new people. It will take time to win her love but once you do you will have a best friend for life.


Status: On Trial

Date of Birth: Approx April 2019

Location: Palmerston North

Arrived at Outpawed: TBA


Stunning Misty! This sweet 10-month old had a rough start but now she loves her foster family and people in general, and it's time for her to find her forever home. She's looking for a dog-free house with a human she can give all her love to. Get in touch if you would like to meet Misty, she's based in Palmy but we can arrange meet ups in the Wellington region if needed.⁠


Status: On Trial

Date of Birth:  Est. Jan 2018

Location: Palmerston North

Arrived at Outpawed: December 2019

This beautiful girl is Marley, mother of Lazarus, our little social media star. She was left behind when her family moved out and was heavily pregnant. Marley did her best to raise her babies on her own but sadly didn't have enough milk for them and had some rough weather to contend with. One by one, she carried her dying babies from under the house to some lovely humans who had been putting food out for her. She sat by their side and grieved the loss of each one.

As you all know, one of her babies survived - Lazarus. He needed intensive care when he arrived and Marley was too unwell and malnourished to reunite with her baby until just a few days ago.

Marley is also now a wonderful foster mum to Badger & Rose. She has a gorgeous personality but is a bit shy when it comes to new people. Once she knows you won't hurt her she's the biggest smooch and is quite chatty. She's also quite the stunner!

Marley will be ready for a home in about a month's time. She will be available to meet in Palmerston North from later this week. We hope there's a special home out there for this little warrior


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