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Fostering Terms & Conditions

  1. If your foster kitten is under 12 weeks, you must weigh him/her once per week and report the weight to the foster coordinator.

  2. Outpawed will supply kitten/cat food and litter for the duration of the foster period. Supplies can be collected from your local area coordinator.

  3. If you are asked to purchase supplies, you may submit an expense report with copies of receipts and will be reimbursed within five working days.

  4. Outpawed will supply any equipment you may need for the foster period, including carrier, litter box and bowls, if required. You will need to return this equipment when it is no longer required for fostering.

  5. Outpawed will supply any necessary flea and worm treatments. You will need to let us know when you require a treatment and arrange to collect it from your area coordinator.

  6. Outpawed will provide any required vet treatment during the foster period. You must notify the foster coordinator in your area as soon as possible when the cat/kitten becomes unwell. We will arrange for the foster coordinator to visit your cat/kitten as soon as possible. If required, we will arrange for the cat/kitten to visit our vet. If you decide to use an alternative vet without prior arrangement with your area coordinator, you may not be reimbursed.

  7. You may be required to transport your foster cat/kitten to the vet for vaccinations, health checks or treatment for illness/injury.

  8. Outpawed will be responsible for all medical decisions for your foster cat/kitten.

  9. You must follow the cat/kitten’s prescribed diet. Please check with us if you would like to supplement the cat/kitten’s diet with other foods.

  10. Your foster cat/kitten must be kept indoors at all times.

  11. You must notify your local area coordinator if you are currently fostering or begin fostering for another organisation or individual while you have Outpawed foster cats/kittens. In this case you will need to keep Outpawed cats/kittens separated from any other cats/kittens.

  12. If your own cats are not up to date with vaccinations, please keep them separated from any Outpawed kittens under 6 months of age until 10 days after their booster vaccination.

  13. You must follow the instructions from the Outpawed area coordinators and trustees with respect to the treatment and proper handling of your foster cat/kitten. If you receive advice from another individual or volunteer, please check with your local area coordinator before taking any action concerning your foster cat/kitten.

  14. During the foster period, the foster coordinator may need to visit your cat/kitten. Any required visits will take place at a suitable time, to be arranged with you in advance.

  15. Your foster cat/kitten may not be relocated or placed with any other individuals or volunteers without the permission of an Outpawed area coordinator or trustee. If you are going away and have arranged a pet feeder/sitter, please notify your area coordinator and provide contact details.

  16. You are required to attend a foster training session at least once per year.

  17. If these conditions are not adhered to, or the cat/kitten is deemed to be at risk of illness or harm, the foster coordinator may terminate the foster placement by notifying you of their decision.

  18. You may at any time decide to terminate your foster placement by notifying an Outpawed area coordinator or trustee of your decision. In this case, you will need to arrange for the prompt return of your cat/kitten to the foster coordinator. You must return any leftover supplies and any borrowed equipment at this time.

  19. If you choose to mix your foster cats/kittens with your own pets, this is at your own risk. Please note that while Outpawed takes the utmost care with intake and vaccination protocols, there is always a risk that your foster cats/kittens could transmit an illness/infection to another animal they come into contact with. This risk is increased if your pets are not up to date with vaccinations.

  20. You agree to protect and maintain the privacy of other volunteers and foster parents, and may not share others’ posts, private information or photos without their consent. You must conduct yourself professionally and uphold the principles of the Trust during your time as a volunteer.

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