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Adoption Form

Please complete this form if you would like to apply to adopt from us.  If you are wanting to meet one of our cats, you must complete this form first. This form will be used to make sure you and your new feline family member suit each other purrfectly. For more information on our adoption process click here.

Pre-adoption approval is valid for three months from the date your form is received. We recommend you wait to submit an application once you have seen a cat/kitten you are interested in meeting. 

Required fields in the questionnaire are marked with an asterisk *.

Please note: Outlook and Hotmail addresses mark Outpawed emails as spam. Please check your spam folders to see replies from us or use another email provider.


Are you prepared to care for your new pet for its lifetime (15 - 20 years)?
Do you own your own home?
If you do not own your own home, do you have the property owner's (or landlord's) consent to have a cat?
Upload File
Are you a NZ citizen or permanent resident?
What type is your home?
Will your cat be:
It is recommended that you keep a litter tray indoors for your cat at all times, even if your cat is allowed outdoors. Are you prepared to have a litter tray inside?
Are you prepared to cover vet expenses that you may incur throughout your pet's life?
How often will you take your cat for health checks and vaccinations?
Most of Outpawed's cats and kittens were originally stray or abandoned and may have been in poor condition on intake. Do you understand and accept this?
Under our adoption agreement, if you are no longer able to keep your cat/kitten you must give Outpawed the option to rehome him/her. Do you understand and accept this?
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